The brain storage business is not new and despite the fact that most neuroscientists believe that preserving your brains is not possible. But, MIT graduate and computer scientist Robert McIntyre along with Michael McCanna, founders of start-up Nectome strongly disagree. They claim their technology will exquisitely preserve your brains in microscopic detail using a high-tech embalming process. Their process called “vitrifixation” (also known as Aldehyde-Stabilized Cryopreservation) has won the Brain Preservation Prize for preserving a whole rabbit connectome.

For just $10,000 Nectome promises to back-up your brain for eternity

For just $10,000, Nectome will embalm your brain, keeping it from decaying for centuries until its contents can be uploaded. The only downside is that you need to be alive when Nectome starts its embalming process, and the process will definitely kill you.

I’m not sure exactly what the reason is but there’s already a waiting list for people willing to take part in this experiment. Silicon Valley billionaire and co-creator of Y Combinator program which funds start-up companies, Sam Altman, 32, already paid his check to Netcome. Altman told MIT Technology Review that he’s confident minds will be digitized in his lifetime.

Here are some interesting readings I have found about Netcome’s initiative:

Nectome Promises to Back-Up Your Brain for Eternity
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