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With 20 years experience in the digital industry, Ana Maria Bogdan, Founder @ Business Booster, has the unfair advantage of working not just on both client and agency-side, but also across all major industries … banking, e-commerce, retail, media, advertising  …. Therefore is no surprise that with the help of experienced partners and consultants, Business Booster is able to provide a wide range of business transformation and digital services for medium and large-size companies. 


… and a lot more marketing and digital services, if our customers need it. 

digital transformation

Digital & Business Transformation Consultancy

From digital business audits to developing cross-channel strategy, designing a company fit digital department, project assessment and evaluation, pitch for specific digital projects & more.


Content development and strategy


Treating content as an afterthought is not an option and you know it. We are here to help you learn how to properly develop your content strategy, manage internal workflows and develop your branded content! 

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digital team


For companies of all shapes and sizes looking to: organize and grow digital departments, expand their cross-channel sales, grow digital capabilities and knowledge, improve User Experience and more

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Digital project management


Too often many digital projects (e.g. website, online campaign, landing page, mobile applications, Intranet etc) fail to meet the expectations of the stakeholders. This happens for many reasons. Here’s how we can help!

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To get a better understanding of the digital consultancy projects we do at Business Booster, please have a look at client business cases.

At Business Booster we believe in the magic that comes from nurturing strategic business partnerships built over time and tested especially during difficult moments. Complementary strengths, highly specialized skills and shared values are what keeps together, in some cases even after 15 years our working together.

Digital disruption is a fact of life affecting all industries. You. cannot fight it, yet all you can do is embrace it and become part of the revolution. If you are not sure how to do this, or whatever you are doing right now does not meet your business objectives or top management’s expectations, let’s talk. We have the knowledge and the practical experience to help you set things on the right path.