At Business Booster we believe in the magic that comes from nurturing strategic business partnerships. We know that such partnerships don’t just happen! They are built in time, especially during difficult moments.

We also believe that complementary strengths, highly specialized skills and shared values such as fairness, transparency and trust, excellent communication and drive to deliver great business results for clients constitute those crucial ingredients for successful partnerships. When all these elements harmoniously merge, business partnerships become not just effective in accomplishing a common mission, but also personally rewarding.

Our Business Partners & Consultants

Business Booster and all its Business Partners and independents consultants share such long-lasting relationships. In some cases, we’ve known and worked together on common client digital projects for over 15 years. That being said, here’s our alphabetically listed Business Partners’ list and their core strengths.

With over 20 years experience in software development and architecture, George Pogorelschi, founder of Buckminster, is one of the most experienced technology experts with a strong understanding of multichannel strategy.

Buckminster is all about e-commerce: business strategy, technology and sales performance. 

SERVICES — software architecture, web development, e-commerce platform development and implementation, technical maintenance & support, web hosting services. 

Liviu Cristea is not just our main video content creation partner, but also Co-Founder of, Business Booster’s niche content project aiming to support both Romanian companies of all sizes and initiatives helping local communities. 

With over 20 years experience in TV & media production industry, he’s a great asset for any content project we do for our clients. 

SERVICES — video content, TV show formats, content and script writing, casting, production, and creatives ides.

Hardtask - creative services
Creative Services

Andrada Udrea, founder of Hardtask, is and experienced copywriter & graphic designer with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. She’s also strong media and communication professional skilled in Advertising, Film, Radio, Creative Writing, and Television.

Since 2006 Inner Look Consulting has served more than 100 customers from 25 industries in 13 countries. Whether our scope is the entire company or just a department, a team or an individual, we immerse the daily life of our client, we reveal the solution inside the problem and support the implementation journey.

SERVICES tailor-made learning, coaching and experiential transformation.

Trusted partners of brands and companies since 2010, MakeSense agency’s core business is to develop the right content put to use on the right channels for their clients. Their project portfolio spread covers all major industries: healthcare & pharma; IT, hardware & software; eCommerce; FMCG; retail; financial; entrepreneurial businesses & start-ups; home & deco.

Services — marketing services, creative thinking, content production, community management, communication & PR, analytics consulting, project management and performance marketing.

For over 27 years TARA interactive has helped clients and partners ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startup entrepreneurs solve their business challenges with custom software and mobile app development. Tara’s core strength comes from mastering new technologies and consistently applying software project delivery methodologies. 

Services — software analysis and audit, software development, mobile application development, web development, e-commerce solutions, QA & Testing, technical maintenance & support.