Digital project management

Let’s make one thing clear from the start! Digital project management is not about having  “that one great online tool” that keep track of your digital team‘s tasks or having the best internal expertise in managing an expensive project management solution.

10-15 years ago we did not have so many tool choices, yet we somehow managed to do things right and launch digital projects online on-time and on budget. It’s so much more, and that’s exactly what I plan to write about today.

The problem – failed digital projects

Too often many digital projects (e.g. website, online campaign, landing page, mobile applications, Intranet etc) fail to meet the expectations of the stakeholders. This happens for many reasons. If you are among the internal stakeholders of a failed digital project and had the time to think about how this happened, you may consider yourself lucky … in a manner of speaking, of course! Lucky because by analyzing it, you got to understand how things could have been done differently, better. Unfortunately, managers do not afford the time to do a truly detailed post-project evaluation even if they know well why this is important. 

Very often the blame for a failed digital project goes to timing, budget, resources available, wrong estimates or the lack of a project management solution. As far as we are concerned, these are the easy to blame ones, the easiest and fastest to identify. The most important thing is to get the basics right and afterwards you can start looking further! 

Digital Project Management

If you look deeper, the reasons why failure happens are by far more diversified than we would like to admit or think of it. That’s why among the many things we help clients learn at Business Booster are some of the following:

  • Writing with you a winning digital project brief
  • What it takes and how to choose your technical platform 
  • Getting the digital department budget right
  • Finding the best-fit business partner whether it is a digital agency, platform developer or freelancer
  • How to get your “digital” work well with the rest of the organization, win people over and build the momentum
  • Adding digital into your existing business processes and workflows
  • Change management during digital project implementation
  • What is the best way “to manage digital” when you are a small, medium or large size company; as you can expect this can be quite different, especially when you have budget constraints you must carefully consider
  • Figure out why your overall online presence does not seem to work as it should or how you imagined

Additional Services @ Business Booster

If none of these digital project management is the one you need, you can also check out the following: 

Or just talk to Ana Maria Bogdan, she will know what to do!