is Business Booster’s 2nd niche publishing project launched on December 6, 2018. It’s the kind of project many people felt it was needed, yet very few gave it chances for success. And, here we are, 18 months later, with a project that:

  • speaks about the good things happening in Romania
  • steadily grows with the help of volunteers who believe in this nation’s bright future no matter the challenges of the present moment
  • wins people’s hearts and changes attitudes and behaviours. - Mission

We give a different meaning to “a iscodi” verb! We discover, talk and promote those Romanians and the local business which drive the country’s prosperity. We bring together people who know, want and acknowledge Romanian values and true-life models; those people who appreciate and honour the contribution of people around them to the wellbeing of the community they leave in. We share stories about Romanian traditions, customs, national symbols and amazing places you should visit. 

Reasons why

We decided to launch because we care about the legacy we leave behind and because people are tired of all the negativity and false news shared by the mainstream media.

Romanians need to be reminded of the inner strength of this nation and the gifts this land was blessed with. 

  • only 40% of Romanians state their national self-identification
  • 85% of Romanians consider that identity (the sense belonging to a nation) matters
  • 57.7% of Romanians cannot nominate a cultural heritage objective
  • over 73% of Romanians believe that the human capital is the economic development engine of Romania in the next 100 years
  • 39% of those under 35 want to start their own business
  • 47% of Romanian emigrants want to return to the country.
And that’s is why editorial team promotes local businesses, start-up, outstanding students and artists, teachers, Romanians heroes, people who make a difference in their community. 
Special thanks to all those friends and colleagues that helped us launch and keep going further: Ana Maria Bogdan, Liviu Cristescu, Delia Dobrițoiu, Matei Perahim, Lavinia Pirlog, Simona Cristescu, Alin Popescu, Silvia Pencu and so many others. 


  • For project our cross-functional team ensured the following: 
  • Brand positioning and visual identity
  • Website (Information Architecture, UX design)
  • Technical platform solution  
  • Content strategy with all its deliverables
  • Search Engine Optimization (technical & content)

Ongoing services and activities we do for the project:

  • Content development & SEO (e.g. articles, video content, events etc) 
  • Social Media presence (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Ongoing website and Social Media traffic reports and analysis
  • Business development

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